Friday, December 16, 2011

Just Say Please

“Just Say Please”
Inside my head.
Can’t get it out.
Screaming tears,
A deafening shout.
Wake in a silent dark.
Such a foreign place.
Prisoner no way out.
Can’t move no space.
An alien surface,
Jagged sharp brushing your skin.
Held by hands you cannot see.
Trapped here since when?
The air is stale teetering on a ledge,
You can’t see how it feeds.
So begging in tears,
You scratch, you plead.
Unseen hands caress your face.
Voices softly laugh offering clues.
No dues, no fees.

Whispering relentless,
“Just say please.”
Take all the time,
To take your ease.

Repeating, repeating,
“Just say please.”
Danny Gunter

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