Friday, December 2, 2011

In memory of Don Harman

this wont be posted on twitter or facebook, it is just a note to myself of what I posted on Don Harmans Sympathy page.

Shared in memory of Don Harman.
Battling depression is hard to understand for those who do not battle
it. I have battled it most of my life, this poem is one that I wrote
and read often when the dark gets too dark.
If you fight depression you can find support in friends, family and
your doctor. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for help.
"I Roar Out Against The Dark"
My eyes flutter open
Something passes over me
This is so dark a place
How has this come to be
I know I have been chained
For far too long
The chains are so heavy
They are so strong
The weary starts to take me
The peaceful void of sleep
Something stirs within me
Something buried deep
The smallest voice
Speaks within
My eyes flash open
Wide again
The darkness knows
That it cannot hide
But still it swells
As I reach out my mind
The darkness tries
To wrap me tight
But past the dark
I sense the light
I take a hold
I beckon it in
The darkness knows
It cannot win
I raise my head
Against my fears
Lying in puddles
Of wasted tears
The chains now old
Are covered with rust
So tired, so heavy
But I know that I must
I stretch myself
I break the chains
I roar out against the dark
Danny Gunter

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