Thursday, December 8, 2011


For me, either is fine, I realize and understand that deep down it is another person wishing me well during this season of celebration and giving.  I could let my little rant get mired down in the Bible, or the origin Yule.  But that is not my goal.
A season of giving should be a season of giving and I am personally partial to the phrase “Happy Ho-Ho!”
When pressed against the law, the separation of church and state.  Law is always going rule in favor of the state.    Well, it should, unless I’ve misunderstood the point. 
Zealots on either side of this make it an ugly situation and at the center of a person’s beliefs, the center of their home and family should not be altered by an alternate phrase that to me means the same thing.
If you say Merry Christmas, out of obligation, it’s misleading and possibly a lie.  If you say Happy Holidays out of your convictions, it is not misleading or a lie.  Both are enduring statements, bidding wellbeing to another, during this wonderful season that has gotten beaten down in the bickering of definition and religion.
So if your child happens to ask “Why don’t they say Merry Christmas?” Can you just say “Because they follow a different faith than we do.”? 
If you really think that Christmas is only about Santa and what they do or don’t say at the stores.  I’m kind of thinking that you got lost in the bickering somewhere.  It just seems to me that, especially on this topic, we keep forgetting what it means to share.  Sharing is not just for toys.  Sharing is also for time, seasons and our world.
Your family.  Your Home.  Your Church.
Our Store.   Our Street.  Our World.
Our Season of Giving. 
Happy Ho-Ho!!!!!

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