Thursday, November 17, 2011


My friend is participating in Occuply LA today, here is a timeline of todays events, sounds like everyone did a good job (Including Law Enforcement)

7am PST-Occupy LA organizes near 4th Street and Figueroa in downtown LA. The Service Employees Union is the main organizer & they are there in abundance. The plan, march to 4th Street and Fig & set tents out & circle the tents in an act of civil disobedience & wait until they are arrested

9:23am PST-The protester's permit expired at 8:23 am, it is now an hour later & the police have assembled about a block away from the main sit-in. 18 have linked arms & encircled the tents that are in the middle of the intersection.

9:50am PST-The police are using a tactic to separate the main protesters (the 18 in the circle around the tents) from the rest of the crowd by simply pushing them back with merely their presence, the crowd is responding to their request to move back.

10:00am PST: Riot geared officers are about a block away, but do not move forward, as regular uniformed officers disperse the crowd.

10:30am PST: The crowd has mostly moved to the sidewalks & now there is a double row of people, officers on one side, and the Occupy LA organizers forming a line on the other, keeping the two sides separated.

10:45amPST: The officers in riot gear have moved in and formed a circle around the circle of main protesters and are now beginning to move them an arrest them one by one. A police videographer is there to document each arrest.

11:00am PST: All is calm, the main 18 have all been arrested and the crowd is moving peacefully to 4th and Flower, in front of Bank of America for a small rally.

THX Lucky-Dog Stephens ! Pass it on for everyone. It's silly for anyone to get hurt that includes Police, protestors & bystanders.

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