Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Land of the Free

"The Land of the Free"
Mobilize into action
We are American after all
Crumbling ash
Blinding eyes
Hear the call
The innocent suffered
For what indecent cause
And the ignorant in far away nations
They offered applause
And why should I care
It of course was deserved
We offered our arms
And this cost
We reserved
Well of course that would include
You and me
And of course it doesn't matter
If you can't see
We are American
The pagan, the God fearing
And the others
They are we
The Buddhists
The Muslims
The Christians
The Jehovah's
Oh and yes of course
We are Americans
Or can you not see
From the outside
These boundaries don't exist
In this country of we
For we are America
The Land of the Free
Danny Gunter

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