Monday, August 1, 2011



Another walk just a stroll,
Down memory lane.
Am I alone in noticing the most precious moments?
Are the very same as those that drive us insane?

The days past can be so unfocused,
So blurry the ones that meant so much.
A simple moment so passing,
But between the shadows we remember the touch.

A touch that left an imprint,
A mark upon our very soul.
And I’d have gladly tossed in the coins.
Were I somehow aware of the toll.

Perhaps I grasped to early,
Acquired some understanding in my youth.
Honestly I never wanted too much.
Just a love not born of obligation,
Just born of truth.

Now I see how naïve I was.
A truthful youth.
It is all gone now.
Simply thinking truth.

I have worked the puzzle.
And in its solution I can see.
That there is no solution.
And we aren’t meant,
To understand how.
The sediment of my life,
Drifting the eddies of life and time.
And after all of this wasted sorrow and tears.
Mourning over things that were never mine.

I’d be a liar,
If I suggested I sought so much more.
Perhaps life leaves wounds just to remind us.
Of exactly the things we adore.

Always out of reach?
I’m not wise enough to say.
I can only impart how I feel today.

Danny Gunter


  1. love it, would love to get together some time let me know when anytime would be great miss you love you lots Renee

  2. Danny you have a gift. Why don't you spent sometime finding out if this could be your next profession. I love you your tallest sister