Friday, August 12, 2011

Walk Away From Here

"Walk Away From Here"

If I could breach,
Crack open my soul.
In a heartbeat shatter it all.
If I believed for a moment it would help you.

If I could cry all the tears,
Simply reflections what we should or should not do.
I would do everything that I could,
So that the smallest part might make some sense to you.

It is my regret that I lack the wisdom,
I still lack the gift of knowing.
But I cannot because none of us.
Ever really know where it is going.

I would like nothing more,
Than to offer you what is true.
But I cannot as my steps are mine.
Unique just like the steps of you.
Please do not feel alone.
You are not the only soul there.
And I will take your hand,
As we walk away from here.

Danny Gunter

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