Monday, July 18, 2011

While I Still Cry

“While I Still Cry”
There are a lot of people,
Who will tell you how people come and go.
That it is somehow ok,
Even after you know.

Still there are a few people
Who touch your life in such a way.
What you can barely perceive.
That any simple moment will feel ok.

Sometimes there are people,
Maybe unknowing how deeply they touch your life.
How in their unseeing presence,
They have the power to lift you above the strife.

Sometimes they rush in,
Then rush out and never understand.
Just how blissful was the touch,
Of their hand.

Perhaps they cannot grasp.
Perhaps they cannot trust,
How they showed us a world like that,
Then simply vanish after all they offer us?

Can you explain your actions?
Can you explain what you showed to me?
Can you in any way justify,
The false hope you endowed to me?

I think not.
You are just a hallow soul.
And I suppose that simply makes me,
The toll.

From where I still cry.
It is so horribly sad in my eyes.
You will walk absent of the feeling for all time.
As I will forever shed tears trying to fill your lies.

We should be more,
Such an abundance of absence.
While I still I cry,
In the present tense.

Danny Gunter

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