Monday, July 4, 2011



We are such an arrogant people.
Knowing beyond belief the world was flat.
I wonder how many were lost,
Just arguing, trying to disprove the fact.

We knew beyond belief.
We knew we were the center the heavens circled us.
People were stoned and burned alive,
Disproving that simple trust.

We knew that rainbows were symbolic.
Created by Gods will and hand.
Until a man of science stepped up and spoke,
Until we would listen and understand.

How many were deemed possessed.
While burdening an autistic life.
How many bleed and died,
Long before the knife.
So knowing and so arrogant.
We know and just won’t see.
Like the people of Easter Island,
Who knew that they were cutting down.
Their very last tree.

A perfect example of how arrogant,
A civilization can be.
Danny Gunter

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