Saturday, December 4, 2010

Martina McBride - Anyway

I do believe that we have a source of creation (I believe its female, mothers are the source of life. I do not believe that the source becomes invlolved on a daily basis, nor performs regular miracles for us. For if the source could do that, its neglect to the starving, diseased and all the wreckless wrongs would be preventable. No different from you seeing a person on fire and taking no action to help. If "God" could prevent, he would. Had he that power, or at least allowed himself to perceive pain as we do, he would be directly inclined to neglect. We have global hunger, disease and hopelessnes. The simple matter is, if God could stop it, he is as cruel as a person with a wet blanket watching a person on fire and allowing them to burn, simply because they need to learn what to burn feels like. I'm sorry, I've a conscience that couldn't allow that to happen if I had a way or method to help. If "God" can prevent, in my heart, that makes him perverse in his teachings. Help when you can, and we, and perhaps even "God" is unaware of the outcomes. Step back for a moment and consider, maybe we have as much to teach as we have to learn.

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