Sunday, December 5, 2010

All I Ask Is That You Remember

All I Ask Is That You Remember

“All I Ask Is That You Remember”

May I ask a bit of your time?
I have a few things I would like to share.
That is if you will take the time to read,
Assuming of course you care.

I have few redeeming qualities.
That lift some people’s hearts.
I am a valuable friend at times.
When at edges things fall apart.

I claim to be no angel,
Far from any sort of saint.
I will deny any knowledge of tools.
I will not help you move or paint.

But I carry a light,
Into the darkest of places.
And in the dimmest of nights,
I can bring a smile to faces.

But I will forever,
Never be more than me.
Please never ask,
To share my presence with he.

He who forced me to a place,
Where the harshest part of myself resides.
I’ve no shame in admitting.
For this part of me,
I have no pride.
All I ask is that you remember,
It was never me who lied.

Danny Gunter

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