Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No One

no one
"No One"

If thunder heads have tops,
I have flown among them.
I have seen the sky reach forth,
Too ground the stem.

I have danced in the light,
In the morning sun.
Between the moon light of the night,
And the coming of the one.
An honor I can only guess,
Not given to everyone.
Yet we soared,
We rose a hairs breath above.
What we mortals refer to,
As love.

Occasionally I can find a smile,
Built on a foundation of lies.
So I cry and I cry while the mermaids,
Wipe tears from my eyes. 
I cried and I cried,
Still, you never said why.
Why I was offered no reason.
Left naked, ignorant alone.
In the harshest of seasons.
I screamed for you,
I screamed and screamed,
Until voiceless it seemed.
I couldn't scream anymore.   
And you never once even looked,
Never checked the door.
Occasionally I can find a smile
When I think back to then.

But no one.
And I do mean no one.
Will ever make me hurt,
Like that again.
Danny Gunter

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