Monday, September 10, 2012

A Temporary Me


"A Temporary Me"

I want the moments to matter,
Later down the line.
Someone to count on,
Not just left behind.

I want the I love you's,
To never feel like lies.
I don't want to feel this alone,
When I need to cry.

I want the kisses to be special,
Never feeling second rate.
I want to believe the power,
When someone whispers of fate.

I want my hugs,
When I come through the door.
I don't want to feel,
Forgotten anymore.

I want free of the feeling,
Being swallowed by fear.
Giving another too much power,
If I let them near.
I know I'm nothing special, 
Nothing fantastic to see.
Will anyone ever want more,
Than a temporary me?

Danny Gunter

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