Monday, September 10, 2012

Learn To Walk Away


Learn To Walk Away
To walk away, to let go,
Learn a lesson.
Give up your heart,
Then run and hide
Within your mind.

Close all the doors,
Shut out the soul.
Rise in the morning,
Starts another day.

The years go by
Birth and then you die.
Live only for yourself,
Give in to no one,
And forget the past.

It is hard to remember,
When it felt like this.
Feelings run away,
Crashing into other feelings.

Loss replaces hope.
Hate replaces fear
Have little fear, and, do not hate.

Love comes all too often,
Always new and fresh.
Surely it will come again.

It should be strongly embraced,
Not, out of perspective.
Remember, caution keeps pain away,
For there will always be rain.

Written by Paul-Michael “LuckyDog” Stephens© 1977

*this one isn't mine, it was written by a friend of mine when I was 7 years old.

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  1. found this, beautiful poem, thanks for the honesty, I needed the good vibes right now. idlemojo @ a o l