Sunday, January 9, 2011



A light poured into the world,
On a day we witnessed such tragedy.
A light a little life who until today.
I never got to see.

I did not know her or her life.
I only have the news as another tragedy,
Yet another time.
Madness unfolds before me.

Many were hurt and lost,
To such a senseless crime.
Lights snuffed out,
In these days we call our time.

Such a little light,
Arrived into our trying time on 09-11-2001.
As I struggle again to understand,
The scope of whats been done.

Today is 01-09-2011.
Yesterday was 01-08-2011.
She was born on 09-11-2001.

My heart and thoughts to all,
Who are struggling, grieving or lost.
My heart goes out to everyone.

Danny Gunter

I hope all touched by this can somehow find some peace with it.

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