Thursday, April 1, 2010



So much of life
Is measured in loss
You never know how
The coins will toss

There are no guarantees
Nothing that’s certain
Then something precious is gone
And we are left hurting

But there is one thing
That you give
Something you can guarantee
Guarantee as long as you live

I know it exists
At least that’s what I’ve heard
Stand behind your voice
When you give your word

Something to depend on
The word of someone true
A shelter when the darkest days
Descend on you

Your word is a measure
Of the person you are
A person true to their word
Can go quite far

But for some
Their word is simply a game
A lure for the trusting
That leads to hurt and shame

I have been witness
To a master of lies
Deep, twisted, awful
Leading to very sad eyes

So now that your trap
Was set, found and sprung
I wonder how you liked the reward
For the work you had done

Are you enjoying it
I would really like to see
How you like the handful of coins you got
For betraying me


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