Sunday, December 27, 2015

Out of Many One

“Out of Many One”

I can’t say that I’ve crossed,
Many cultural paths.
But America is the land of the free,
So we don’t get to pass.
I mean, that’s why we are here.
The idea that we can break from conformity.
A melting pot of people of different backgrounds and beliefs,
Where we can live in unity.
I believe that is what they wanted,
When they declared our independence.
Has that message become so dated?
Does that no longer make sense?
In our differences we should find our strength.
But there are so many who want to destroy that which makes us strong.
Making people who were born here,
Feel like they don’t belong.
We are supposed to be that place,
Where all cultures can be celebrated by everyone.
I believe we were meant to be better.
I hope we don’t let that become undone.
We are, E pluribus unum.
Out of Many One.
Danny Gunter

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