Saturday, September 13, 2014

A cool way to save money when shopping @ Walmart

Ok, so the last time we went shopping @ Walmart our cashier told us something we didn't know.  When you get your receipt there is one of those funky little box things that you can scan with a Walmart app you can down load for free.  You down load the app and scan the receipt with your phone or tablet.  So I did this and it said it was searching near by retailers for better deals on what you had purchased.  It was over 70 retailers in my case and it looks out 3 days from your purchase so it takes about 3 days to get your savings.  So after 3 days I got an email and the app found better deals on our purchases and I will get over $7 when I go in for our next purchase.  It comes in the form of an E-Gift card that I have yet to use at the store, but all in all that is pretty cool.  I will let you know how redeming the E-Gift card works once we have gone back to do our shopping again and let you know how it worked out.  It really seems like a cool deal, I will let you know how it all works out.

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