Monday, August 27, 2012

While I Was In There

“While I Was In There”

I’m sitting here staring,
At a card board box.
Inside are a whole lot of things,
I forgot.

It frightens me even though,
All I need do is open the lid.
A lot I’d forgotten,
Even more that I hid.

From myself,
It was killing me to hang on.
To something, to someone.
When all of it was gone.

I work up the courage.
I peer inside.
Flip through the photos and smile.
As tears fill my eyes.

Pause and stare,
At more than just a few.
Goodness I smiled a lot,
When I was with you.

Finished I close the lid,
For a long while I simply set and stare.
I’d forgotten how happy I was,
While I was in there.

Danny Gunter
05 01 08

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