Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yesterday's and Today's


"Yesterday's and Today's" 
~ ~ ~ 
Yesterday's and today's 
Frightening and exhilarating 
In each their own 
Special ways 
Over the last thousand days or so 
There have been scarce few nights 
I looked wondering towards 
The next morning’s light 
Yesterday and today 
Were very strange for me 
Feeling differently for reasons 
I cannot myself see 
Reasons I cannot explain 
Perhaps that is best 
And perhaps not so dark 
As I pass through the rest 
The rest of them coming 
The yesterday's and today's 
Maybe at last 
I am finding my way 
My way through the hurt 
My way past the pain 
My way past 
The yesterday's and today's 
So lost to the rain 

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