Wednesday, February 1, 2012


"Just a Pile of Sticks and String"
I never lied 
Never did I cheat 
I was there beside you 
Facing any defeat 
I held on 
You knew that I cared 
You knew that I loved 
I always was there 
Offered my support 
In every way that I could 
I stood beside my partner 
Because I knew that I should 
Taking on your burdens 
As if they were mine 
Because I knew together 
We would be fine 
I never once questioned 
Or demanded explanation 
For any our troubling 
But in the end 
I was just your fool 
The one there when you needed 
All you had to do was pull 
Well your marionette is lifeless 
Just a pile of sticks and string 
That shivers now and then from the images 
The nightmares bring 
Danny Gunter
7:17 AM 

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