Friday, June 3, 2011

To Leave The Floor

“To Leave The Floor”

A whole lot of people believe,
That I’ve all but given up.
On all of the possibilities,
Of what can fill life’s cup.

But that’s not true.
When I met him I knew a lot of what to,
And not,
To do.

I’d witnessed ravages,
Of broken hearts.
Witnessed the savage pain,
As they’re torn apart.

But I did glimpse a moment,
And I edged out upon the limb.
Deep down inside my dreams and soul,
I really did love him.

I trusted and I believed,
Against every tear I saw, so many endure.
I did it knowing that there’s never a way,
To be sure.

Yes, we can tell ourselves,
That in each day light is born anew.
But people will always treat people,
Like they always do.

And someday you will dance,
Like you’ve never danced before.
But the DJ always plays a song that makes you want,
To leave the floor.

Danny Gunter


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