Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Same Shit

“The Same Shit”

It’s just another day,
On an uncaring world.
I believe winds would fill the sails,
If only they were unfurled.

But I guess we are all to narrow.
Just wading through our days.
This shit.
The same shit,
Is always going to be the way.

And I’m no better.
I too lose my sanity in the brilliance of the sun.
And I do feel like my suffering is special,
Just mine not like anyone’s.

I can walk into the bathroom.
Hugging the toilet lying on the floor.
Wishing just wishing I could vomit up all the bile.
Flush away what came before.

So place your money on the table,
The spinner is about to spin.
Reds or blacks, odds or evens,
But there’s never any chance to win.

It just is what it is,
We all are paralyzed.
Between what we hope and wish,
And the reality before our eyes.

Danny Gunter

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