Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Listen

“I Listen”

Living my life.
Doing the best that I’m willing or can.
I realize while far from flawless.
I don’t think the witnesses understand.

Words said in the moment,
Perhaps out of hand.
Having behaved as I have done.
Am I qualified to understand.

By no means perfect.
Nor a model example.
But I try not to let people down.
Still, I don’t lead by example.

Mine not a measure of life,
For which anyone should measure.
I often set back,
Within my scope I enjoy the leisure.

I don’t consider myself selfish,
Or unfeeling to others needs.
In trying to be unselfish,
Perhaps I belittle my deeds.

Not that I want credit,
Nor any recognition.
I wonder when people speak,
Do they realize?
I listen.


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