Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cancer cure?

Some Links to articles supporting the claim.

Also a Video:


  1. I agree with you. In fact there are many cures - See and The problem with cannabis oil is simply one of access - how to get your hands on the stuff.

  2. Thank you! I added the links that you shared to the post and plan to check them both out.

  3. anti melanoma drugs offered in different physical options and supports to cancer cure. Drugs provided for cancer cure are free from toxins and complication. Cancer cure drugs designed using risk free & authentic ingredients.

  4. Cancer is a deadly disease that needs to be stopped from taking innocent lives. A disease that pays no respect to AGE nor FINANCIAL STATUS should not be allowed to reign instead it should be fight and eradicated.

    After the introduction of chemotherapy and radiotherapy the war against this deadly disease started but the probability that this war can be won using the methods above is not hundred percent certain.

    I was once a prisoner of cancer who used the methods above to begin the fight for my freedom which i got for sometime until the cancer returned with great determination to take my life and i was also determined not to allow it to take my life so i decided to sort for other solutions.

    I met with my doctor who told me about cannabis oil and she also told me about a friend of her's who treats patients with it, she gave me his Email address( )and asked me to contact him. I contacted him and met him in person, i told him about my situation and asked him what i needed to do.

    He advised me, told me the quantity of oil i needed and how to use it. I followed his instructions and now i have finally gained my freedom.

  5. Dear Dr. Eastern George,

    When I saw your cancer miracle cure guide in the clinic I was
    honestly shocked about the claims it was making about finally curing
    the cancer of a lot of patients that we attending there.

    my husband have been following your guide since the past 7 weeks and, well our results I
    wouldn't have even dreamed of. His system is now in completely
    normal levels!
    That means no more chemo, and no more drugs again.

    Thank you for giving my husband's life back and curing his cancer totally

    Dr Eastern George