Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Just A Body On Display"

"Just A Body On Display"

A dimming of the spirit,
With the fading light of another day.
Heartless breathing hollow,
My heart was torn away.

Horrifying a cadaver,
Walking soulless and empty.
Just a body on display.
Can you see through me?

The polished stones,
Stand tall in the grass.
Time froze then shattered,
Like tempered glass.

It was a pivotal moment,
An E L E.
Extinction level event.
That tore the soul from me.

A dead man walking,
With a noose of dying hope.
Amidst wreckage of broken dreams.
Around my neck the rope.

The gallows are made ready,
Or would you prefer the chair?
Maybe the injection?
Do you even care?

Endlessly dark,
Through the fog I just can't see.
The loving hands that once caressed,
Were the same that strangled me.

Danny Gunter

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