Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Long Black Rose


"A Long Black Rose"

Soft moon light drifts in
Gently illuminating the room
A lone figure sleeps
Unaware impending doom


Your eyes flutter open
The sound interrupts your sleep
Something feels wrong
As chills start to creep

Glance at the door
It should be open but it's closed
And beside you on the pillow
Lay a long black rose

The knot rises in your throat
A silent tear pours from your eye
Alone in the house
None would hear you scream or cry

Phone on the night stand
You reach but it's gone
Heart beating so fast
Everything's wrong

Have to run
Jump quick from the bed
It grabs your ankle and pulls
You fall smashing your head

"No, no, no"
You whimper, you claw
At the mercy of this beast
Pulling you to its maw

You scream
You squirm
Pulled under so fast
You pray to God above

The last you hear…

"Together forever, my love"

In honor of Halloween

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