Saturday, November 28, 2009

At Least You Know

"At Least You Know"

Well I have to say
It was enlightening to see
What they have been told
What your “friends” think of me

So I’m the bi-polar insane
That crazy psycho ex
I really can’t wait
What will they say next

I guess that I’m really
Not all that surprised
And nobody noticed
The tears in my eyes

So that’s all I was
Is that all I did
Not the person always there for you
Not knowing what you hid

They probably don’t know
How I stood by you
At your side at everyturn
And this is what you do

Did you tell them how I was
When you were between work
How I tried to make you feel better
In spite of what it took

Me supporting you
Always at your side
Never once degrading you
When all you did was hide

Did you tell them
When I took your family in
So they could have a chance
To start again

Does it make it better
Leaving out the words you do
That must make you feel better
When you think about you

I suppose that’s all forgotten
Didn’t really mean a thing
You’re living your life now
Moving on with your next fling

So when you have chewed him up
And finally spit him out
Will your “friends” still wonder
What this is all about

Or will he just be another ex
That hangs out with the crowd
You have so many ex's now
You must be very proud

I suppose none of this matters
It is all in the past
Why should I let it bother me
Why should I still ask

Why you just used me
Why you never tried
Why your loving me
Was always just some lies

None of it worth saying
Wasn’t worth the words
Just that psycho bi-polar ex
That is what I heard

I wish I could erase your memory
That at least is very true
But at least you know I loved
And once believed in you


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